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Providing affordable resources for mental health self management, self discovery and personal growth


Image by Vince Fleming

Self-Paced Online Courses

Work through content at your own pace in these online courses built to promote self-discovery, self-management, and personal growth. Courses typically consist of interactive worksheets and other tools to guide and support you on your personal journey.

Partner With an Advocate

The SELF Academy Advocates have been trained to walk alongside you throughout your personal healing journey. Advocates are available to help support you when you are stuck or have questions about any of the concepts taught in our self-management courses.

Click below to schedule a virtual appointment with an Advocate or find an in-person option near you.

Life coaching
Group Hug

Group Support

Connect with others who struggle with similar symptoms and find a community where you can be you true SELF. 

All groups are led by The SELF Academy Advocates with a focus on building community and learning self-management skills.

Click below to see our schedule of online support groups or find an in-person option near you.

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